The interconnection of the Anthropocene, climate change, and Identities creates a third space, full of binaries and the in-between. These factors result in geographical changes that cause the displacement of people and extinction of flora and fauna. Third Spaces of the Anthropocene explores the complicated relationship between communities and the earth, from regenerative, dismissive, exploitative, thoughtful, fraught, nostalgic and more. 

Participating Artists: Jide Aje, Ash Arder, Susan Goethel Cambell, Madelaine Corbin, Clara DeGalan, Megan Heeres, Nelly Kate, Taylor  Knight, Gregg La, Ciaran McQuiston, Jeff Schofield Featured Artist: Michael Brzozowski  

Special thanks and credit to Vince Carducci, Steve Panton, and Jeff Schofield for helping shape the Exhibition concept.